I am Jena Booher, a certified life coach with a focus on family life.

Do babies, children, and overall family planning have a prominent place in your daily thoughts? You are not alone.  The family is as old as time and plays a central role in the human experience.  While this chapter of your life can be exciting, thrilling, and full of possibility, it can also be disorienting, stressful, and scary.

I help women navigate the uncertainty that arises from family planning whether it be welcoming a new child into the world or grappling with infertility and miscarriage, so they can ultimately take better care of themselves and those they love.

My approach

In a world inundated with confusing and conflicting parenting advice, which gives little regard to the unique experience of each family, I clear the path for women to walk their own authentic journey with confidence, wholeness, and integrity by:

  • Healing the breakdowns between lifelong expectations and the current reality of family planning and family life

  • Guiding through tough transitions such as career changes, physical and hormonal adjustments related to pregnancy and postpartum, and shifts in marriage dynamics

  • Building confidence in trusting your inner voice and ignoring outside pressures and unsolicited advice

  • Developing a plan that best reflects your core needs and values

 Jena Booher

Jena Booher