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 Jena Booher, Founder & CEO

Jena Booher, Founder & CEO

A Note From Our Founder

My desire to create transformation in the workplace and improve the lives of working families stems from my own personal experience.  After working for eight years on Wall Street as one of the top 5% performers globally, I hit a wall once I became pregnant with my daughter. 

I realized I had bought into a myth of meritocracy my whole life: as long as I worked hard and outperformed my peers, I would experience success.   This proved to be true until I became a mother. 

Through my own personal experience and work, I find gender discrimination and unconscious bias dominate Corporate America.  Few companies know how to effectively prioritize diversity and inclusion.  It became my mission to make sure every woman had equal opportunity to pursue and excel in the career of her dreams.

I went back to school to receive a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and am pursuing a PhD in Psychology.  Unconscious bias is deeply tied to how we view the world.  Creating transformation in how employees think and feel about others who appear different than themselves is tough stuff.  However I believe companies have the ability to create cultures that are pro-women and pro-family. 

I started Babies on the Brain to take this concept of a world that supports working families from a dream into reality.  We use the latest research in Psychology as well as our own proprietary research to help inform our consulting and coaching approaches.  We train managers and leadership teams in creating and retaining diverse teams.   

We have big dreams to end the motherhood penalty in the United States.  We hope you will share in our dream too. 


The Team


I invited Jena to run her workshop for our BAWS group (all female talent) at our NY office. Jena's expertise in what keeps women happily working and engaged, combined with her academic and clinical background made her presentation incredibly unique and compelling. Her delivery was moving for many and incredibly informative as our rapidly scaling company considers policy change and flexibility for new parents. Attendees of the workshop walked away with specific tips on how to advance their careers while having a family and maintaining self-care. We can't wait to have her back!