I've worked with some great people.

At the Gianna Center our priority is to provide our patients with the best gynecological care possible. We deeply understand the process of bringing new life into this world can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Jena has been a valuable partner to the Gianna team by working with our patients when they are in the midst of difficult transitions, such as the decision to grow their family, infertility, and miscarriage. Not only are our patients taken care of physically, but with Jena, they are able to be cared for mentally and emotionally. Her passion for her work to improve the lives of women is unparalleled. I highly recommend Jena for any organization that is looking to enhance the well-being of their patients, clients, or even employees.
— Dr. Ann Nolte, MD, Gianna Center for Women's Health and Fertility
I invited Jena to run her workshop for our BAWS group (all female talent) at our NY office. Jena’s expertise in what keeps women happily working and engaged, combined with her academic and clinical background made her presentation incredibly unique and compelling. Her delivery was moving for many and incredibly informative as our rapidly scaling company considers policy change and flexibility for new parents. Attendees of the workshop walked away with specific tips on how to advance their careers while having a family and maintaining self-care. We can’t wait to have her back!
— Sarah Schwarzbeck, Head of Product at Plated
My mission as a daughter, sister, mother, and co-founder of Onnix London is to raise the profile of women. At Onnix we are driven by the vision of equipping and empowering women in various roles and life stages in both their professional and personal lives. This drive of helping others comes very natural to me, however, taking a moment to show myself the same self care is not as natural. Jena has helped me embrace my mission on an individual level. I have worked with Jena for a year and have seen the transformation of our work in both my personal relationships and in my own company.
— Lizz Choi, Co-Founder of Onnix London
Jena is one of the very few cross-sector professionals I have met in the parenting space. She brings a perspective on how to improve the lives of parents that is completely fresh and innovative. Love Child’s mission is very aligned with Jena, so we had her run a workshop series for our new mothers. After the series ended you could easily see the transformation that occurred in the group. Jena was able to get the participants to think actively about their own lives and give them agency to make considerations and choices to improve quantitatively and qualitatively in all spheres - personal, career, identity. I strongly recommend Jena for any company looking to improve the lives of families. Her expertise, approach, and demeanor all wrapped into one are hard to find!
— Neelu Shruti, Founder of Love Child
Jena was a critical part of our pilot with a new coaching product at Shine: making wellbeing more accessible using messaging. Thanks to her extensive industry experience in psychology, Jena was able to advise us on best practices in dealing with some of the tougher wellness challenges our clients face. Jena was an incredible asset who understands the nuances of the millennial culture from a healthcare, academic, and business perspective.
— Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, CEOs of ShineText
Jena was such a huge help in guiding and supporting me as I transitioned from being pregnant to being a Mom, all while working and managing my own company. Personal well-being is so closely linked to the success of your professional life. Going through so many personal changes it was incredibly helpful to have Jena help me work through my ever-changing concerns. She gave me confidence and helped me figure out what was important to keep me happy, which in turn was better for my career, my husband, and my new daughter. I am thriving in my career and I love being a new Mom and I do believe Jena’s support helped me get to this great juncture in my life.
— -Melissa C, President, Technology Services Company