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We launch diversity and inclusion initiatives that include both a quantitative and qualitative data collection on where companies stand.  


Private or group

We train managers and leadership teams on how to create and retain diverse teams through workshops and 1:1 meetings on unconscious bias and motivation in the workplace. 

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We conduct our own research on how psychology intersects the workforce.  Get access to our proprietary research or have us work on a bespoke project for your company.    


Babies on the Brain was a critical part of our pilot with a new coaching product at Shine: making wellbeing more accessible using messaging. Thanks to their extensive industry experience in psychology, Babies on the Brain was able to advise us on best practices in dealing with some of the tougher wellness challenges our clients face. Jena was an incredible asset who understands the nuances of the millennial culture from a healthcare, academic, and business perspective.”

/  Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, CEOs of ShineText  /