Giving Back



The mission of Babies on the Brain is to build a community where women are not shamed or embarrassed by tough situations related to family planning and motherhood, have the freedom to show up as their authentic selves, are supported rather than judged, and are empowered to love themselves just as they are. This community should be accessible to everyone, regardless of economic means.   

We are offering completely free coaching packages to women in need, including:

  • Single Mothers
  • Struggling Families
  • Those with handicapped/sick children burdened with medical bills

Give back to your community by working with Babies on the Brain:

  • If you are an individual who has experience with parenting, counseling, coaching, or trauma and want to help others, please reach out via the contact page.  We are building a volunteer based program to have women help other women in need. 
  • This program includes coach training, curriculum, and guidelines to help you improve the lives of other women.