For Moms

My Approach

  1. Explore expectations and your current reality related to family planning
  2. Guidance on managing transitions related to family, career, and self-care
  3. Build confidence in trusting your inner voice
  4. Strategize a plan that reflects your needs and values
  5. Accountability and time management

Want to work together?

Free Fit Call

  • 30 minute FREE call to see if we are a good fit and to ask me any questions
  • Schedule 

Discovery Session

  • Initial consultation conducted over either Skype or phone.  Lasts around 75 minutes
  • In our first session we will examine where you are right now and what you hope to get out of working together.  I will use the information you tell me in the Discovery session to craft your own bespoke coaching program

Clarity and Confidence

  • This package is for the overwhelmed mommy or expecting mama
  • 12 sessions over a 3-6 month time period.  Sessions will be conducted weekly for the 3 month program and bi-monthly for the 6 month program

Ultimate Feminine Wellness

  • This package is for the expecting mama who is looking for coaching throughout her pregnancy, postpartum period, and for the first several months after delivery.
  • 24 sessions over a 12 month time period.  Sessions will be conducted bi-monthly.  Sessions may also be scheduled weekly around large events such as approaching due date and returning to work.


All packages are customized to meet the individual needs of each woman.  For variations of these packages I would be happy to discuss alternatives.