Babies on the Brain is on a mission to end the motherhood penalty by keeping mothers working. We train and coach managers and leadership teams so they can retain female employees and improve engagement and satisfaction.


How do companies stop losing millions of dollars and the benefits of a diverse workforce as a result of turnover from their female employees?

They start caring about what their talent cares about.  This is where I come in….

Why me?

Plenty of people have experience in the corporate world, but few have corporate experience and an extensive background in psychology. 

I do. 

I combine my executive management experience - eight years on Wall Street - with deep psychological expertise.  I am currently pursuing my PhD in Mental Health Counseling and bring a unique style to my work by using an evidence based approach to help create transformation in the workplace. 


By marrying my corporate, academic, and healthcare backgrounds, I am the Go-To expert in helping female employees navigate difficult personal transitions while thriving in their careers.  With increased mental health and well-being of their employees, companies are able to reap the benefits of gender diversity. 

It isn’t just about business… it’s personal... My desire to create transformation in the workplace and improve the lives of working families stems from my own personal experience.  I struggled deeply in my own transition when having my daughter, while simultaneously working in a high pressured corporate job.  I wished I had someone to help me through that time. 

My work is my mission, my calling.  The best part of my work is growing and evolving in similar struggles as my clients.  We are all part of this together.